Our Story

Alan’s “Aha!” moment was the creation of Rhodes Greenhouses in 1975. Since that time, Rhodes Greenhouses has been a supplier of Spring bedding plants, Fall mums and Christmas Poinsettias for local garden centers and landscapers throughout the Metropolitan Kansas City area.

In 2013 we visited Thomas Jefferson’s gardens at Monticello. As a reminder of our visit, we brought home a packet of Butterfly Milkweed seeds.  The next spring we planted the seeds and watched as Monarchs laid eggs and their caterpillars fed off the milkweed leaves.  During the next 2 summers while pursuing our love for photography, we discovered prairie remnants on our farm with butterflies, birds and bees feeding on the native flowers and grasses.

The Prairie began to whisper to us.

And now, more than 40 years later, another “Aha!” moment inspires us. We have created a new division of Rhodes Greenhouses called Prairie Whisper Gardens. Recognizing our passion for pollinators and native plants which are beneficial to them, we are growing and selling a wide selection of regional native plants from our greenhouses here in Spring Hill, Kansas. In addition to native plants, we are also offering our annuals and perennials for sale through Prairie Whisper Gardens at our Rhodes Greenhouses location in Spring Hill.